Sep 15

Faika: Our Newest & Youngest Member of Kay Mari

We are exited to announce the arrival of our youngest member of the Kay Mari household, Faika!!! Here is her story. Keep her in your prayers along with the rest of the team as we give thanks to God for allowing us this opportunity to help this beautiful child!

God Bless,


Faika’s mother was 16 when she found out she was pregnant. While she was pregnant she still acted as though she was almost in a way in denial of the baby. Her friend, Fabiola, was with her through this entire pregnancy, and when Faika was born it was Fabiola that would bring her to doctor’s appointments because her mother didn’t seem to care. Her mother would often go out and leave her alone for hours on the floor, forgetting to feed her or even give her water. When Faika was 1 month old her mother left and never came back. Fabiola took the baby in, but being a young working Haitian woman she could not meet the needs of Faika. We already see the effects of being left alone in Faika. As Fabiola said, “she knows she’s an orphan, that’s why she doesn’t ask for much.” Now she has gone from having nothing, not even being able to find someone to feed her, to having everything, and 18 other little hands who want to love on her all day long. Thank you God for this little gift!

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