Health Clinic & Medical Center

Currently in the planning stages, this medical facility will provide health care to children and their families from the nearby towns and villages. Health professionals will provide home visits to the sick and help care for the children at the school and the orphanage. Our focus is on basic health needs and emergency care, prenatal and childbirth care, dental and eye care. We will also hold clinics to teach the community basic first-aid, nutrition and general preventive care/sanitation.

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We broke ground on the “Kay Mari” (House of Mary) Orphanage┬áin March 2008 and finished in October 2009, had 2 children arrive in December, and the the earthquake hit in January 2010. The Orphanage stands strong today as our home in the mountains of Haiti, a testament to God’s plan for our work there.


Completed in 2012 this beautiful chapel stands next to Kay Mari and provides a much needed place of worship for the entire village population surrounding the orphanage.In this picture, the children of Kay Mari find joy in a rainbow which formed above the chapel wall prior to work on the roof had begun.


Thanks to generous contributions by our friends in Mexico, a school is being built using state-of-the-art storm and earthquake resistant materials to provide a much needed and lasting place for the children of Kay Mari to grow and learn together.

Fan Fan House

The first of our Mission Haiti funded construction projects, this house for a family of four who were living in a run down shack was built through the Happy House project in Haiti and was funded mostly from the proceeds of our Summer Camp and generous contributions of our campers.


A small playground keeps our children busy at play when they are outside near the orphanage.

Bath House

A much needed bath house was completed to provide an alternative to bathing in the nearby river.

Chicken Coop

Those who travel to the mountains of Haiti know that finding a chicken tied to a tree is the usual way to get them to stay put but we thought this wonderful chicken coop would be a lot more efficient.


Completed in 2008, much needed improvements to the nearby road provides much needed access to the remote villages.